What is automatic categorisation?

One of the key features of the MoneyBrilliant service is automatic categorisation of the transactions on your financial accounts.  Each time we retrieve transactions for your accounts we automatically assign those transactions to categories.  Assigning transactions to categories makes it easier to set a budget and review your spending. Transactions are assigned to categories based […]

What are pending transactions and why can’t I categorise a pending transaction?

When most banks process transactions they initially put the transaction into a pending state.  Often you can see the pending transactions when you login to your internet banking service.  Different banks label them in different ways – some include the word pending in the transaction description, others describe the transaction as a purchase authorisation.  Often […]

What is Safe Spending?

Safe Spending is a MoneyBrilliant feature designed to help you understand exactly how much of your cash you can spend without breaking your budget.  It is displayed on the Overview tab of your MoneyBrilliant dashboard. Think of it as the balance of your bank accounts plus any income you are expecting this month, less any […]

What is the Budget?

At MoneyBrilliant we believe that setting up a budget is one of the most important steps to organising your finances and making better decisions about your money. In our experience, most people know they should have a budget but very few people have the time and the patience to set one up.  So we make […]