What are the features available in Moneylab?

These are some of the amazing features available in Moneylab app:

  • Connect all types of accounts (bank accounts, credit cards, loans, superannuation, investments)
  • Initially download up to 12 months transactions and store unlimited transaction history
  • Access to Overview, Safe Spending, Optimise my Banking, Manage my Spending, Personal Budget, Spending Reports, Save & Invest,¬†Own My Own Home, Plan for Retirement, Protect my Family
  • Manual accounts, cash account (receipts and cash expenses that don't go through a bank account)
  • Custom transaction subcategories
  • Access to Activity Feed with General Alerts, Bill Shock Alerts, News and Stories
  • Data Exports
  • Transaction Tagging
  • Insights and Recommendations
  • Tax Deductions
  • Net Worth: the ability to add, edit & delete properties, vehicles, assets and liabilities
  • Net Worth - tracking historical balances
  • Tracking historical balances at account level
  • Bill Watch for Electricity & Gas
  • People Like Me
  • Financial Bootcamp
  • Priority email and phone support

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