What does the Close Account option do and how do I use it

When you close an account at your bank or financial institution often Moneylab will detect the account closure and update your Moneylab account automatically. When this occurs Moneylab will retain the historical details of the account but will stop trying to update the account balance and transactions.

Sometimes Moneylab may not automatically detect that the account has been closed by your financial institution and will continue to try to update the account balance and transactions for the account. This may result in account refresh errors which will be displayed in the Moneylab app.

To avoid getting account refresh errors for accounts that have been closed you can manually update Moneylab to confirm that an account has been Closed. When you do this Moneylab will retain the historical details of the account.

To close an account, simply

  • select the account that has been closed from the Accounts screen,
  • select the Account Settings option in the top right of the screen,
  • select the Closed Account check box from the bottom of the screen.

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