What does the Hide Account option do and how do I use it?

Sometimes when you connect Moneylab to your bank or financial institution you will have accounts that you don’t want included in Moneylab. An example might be a business account or an SMSF cash account that is connected to your internet banking facility. You want all the personal accounts to show in Moneylab but not the business account or the SMSF cash account.

Another common example is where you share accounts with your partner, or use complementary credit cards. These types of arrangements can cause accounts and the transactions in those accounts to be duplicated in Moneylab (because the same account is included in one or more connections you have made) so you want to remove one of the duplicated accounts while leaving the other.

Usually, Moneylab will automatically collect account balance and transaction information for all accounts available using the credentials you provide.

If you Hide an account from Moneylab the account balance and transactions will be excluded from all aspects of the Moneylab app. Moneylab will continue to collect balance and transaction information for the account but you will not see it.

Later, if you decide to Unhide an account you have previously hidden, all the historical balance and transaction information that has been collected for the account will become visible in the Moneylab app again.

The Hide account option gives you the flexibility to Hide and Unhide an account from the Moneylab app without losing historical account balance and transaction information.

To Hide an account simply navigate to Connected Services (available from Settings) and select the financial institution for the account you wish to hide. To hide an account, simply switch off the green button to the left of the account you wish to hide.

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