What is Bill Watch?

Bill Watch is a unique Moneylab feature that helps you get the cheapest deals on household bills. Bill Watch is one of the many features in your Manage my Spending dashboard.

With Bill Watch, we’ll help you get the cheapest deals on your electricity and gas. Electricity and gas are just the start though, we will be adding more products and services as quickly as we can.

Tap it to start setting up for your electricity and gas bills by providing energy usage details from a recent bill. Then you can leave it with us.

Our system will analyse your usage data, the amount you paid and the products available in the market and come back to you with up to five products we think will be cheaper. We'll even estimate how much we think you can save.

And, if you want help to switch providers we can do that for you as well.

And it's not just a one off, snapshot of the best deals available. We will continually scour the market for better deals on your bills and let you know how and when you might be able to save more money. We will also let you know when your service providers have increased their prices by sending you a Bill Shock Alert.


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